Loosening Up Haidee-Jo style

I’ve had such a great day today.  I subscribe to The Artist magazine and I recently read an article by Haidee-Jo Summers which got me thinking about experimenting with painting styles.  Printmaking needs precision and sometimes that can be a bit constraining so it’s nice to loosen up and just let things be there or thereabout.


The Artist Magazine – Lively Still Life by Haidee-Jo Summers

So after getting all my stuff together and moving it to the dining area; it was sunnier in there, I set about following the approach described in the article.  I normally draw an outline before painting so this is very different for me. I’ve used Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic paint for the underpainting and Windsor & Newton artists Oil paints after that.  I’ve painted onto an acrylic board measuring 12″ x 16″ and now it’s drying on the easel.  I nearly lost the painting at one point as I tripped over one of the easel legs and it all came crashing down.  Needless to say that easel won’t be used for much longer! 


Step 1

Acrylics thinned with plenty of water – Blocking in

Not an outline in sight


Step 2

When the acrylic paint was completely dry I started working with oils


Step 3

Starting to put highlights and definition


Step 4

Working on the vase



Finished painting

It’s been great fun.  Some of the colours aren’t great and I need a darker colour near the white flowers to make them stand out.  I did start off with a couple of small items near the vase but decided not to include them in the end, this meant I had a bit of covering up to do on the table, something not to be repeated.  

This has set me off on one of my promises for next year which is more painting.  I really like this loose style and its so contrary to the printmaking process.  I think this will also work well for me when I go outside painting.  As I’m a ‘southern softie’ I’m waiting for it to get warmer outside first!  

Thanks for a great article The Artist and Haidee-Jo.




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