2013 – How will you remember your year?

The long and winding road that leads to the studio door has been filled with hopes, dreams, successes and disappointments – but above all, by learning.   It’s been a great year and there have been some notable highlights;

The kick start to the year came with Paul Foxton’s Daily Drawing Challenge which made me commit to drawing every day in January.  Sometimes external promises like this can really start you off in the right direction and give you a real boost, not to mention a sketchbook full of drawings.


I’ve been building my social media prescence this year too and I have made some great Twitter friends which is where my next highlight comes from.  A conversation with Dean Lewis (@olderthanevil) in May brought about the idea of #DrawingAugust and the take up was huge.  Over 200 people took part in this daily drawing challenge and posted their drawings for everyone to see on Twitter.  There are quite a few posts dedicated to #DrawingAugust and in August I posted 4 sets of drawings on the blog.  I put all my drawings together on Pinterest.


In July I attended the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and saw a wonderful range of art, it was truly breathtaking. It’s the world’s largest open-submission exhibition and definitely something on the list to apply for.


I participated in Somerset Art Weeks in September and it was great fun to meet new artists and share a group venue with them.  I spend a lot of time on my own when I do my art, head down, concentrating, so it’s nice to have an opportunity to share my practice with others.


September was also special for the interest that was taken in #DrawingAugust by publications.  I received two emails asking to do an article about #DrawingAugust and I was delighted!  The Wales Arts Review is a not-for-profit on-line arts magazine and their Senior Editor Gary Raymond asked if we would be interested in doing this article.  This was particularly special – and even more special is that Gary has included this article in his review of the year – definitely worth a read.  I was also contacted by Steve Pill, the Editor for the Artists & Illustrators magazine.  Unfortunately this article didn’t go ahead because of space pressures in that month’s edition – but just to be contacted was great.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 17.48.45

In the interests of developing my practice further, I spent three days in Wales with Ian Phillips, a printmaker whose work I have admired for a long time. It was a great three days although it rained a lot!


Finally, this year has ended well – I submitted a body of work to the Biophelia Exhibition  and was really pleased to hear that it was accepted.  It was great to see the work in situ on the evening of the private view .


So, what does 2014 hold … Well, I’ve got an exhibition starting in mid January which I’m preparing for now, and I’m currently writing a small list of promises that I’m making to myself.  It’s going to be another busy year and progress along the path.  It’s a journey that I’m really pleased to be taking and each step helps me to achieve my overall goal.  I hope that you have had a great year and that you are looking forward to every possibility in 2014.


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