The Fishermen’s Huts, Lyme Regis

After all the running around last week, it’s been lovely to be back in the studio lino-printing.  I’ve made myself a promise to produce one colour linocut each month and I’m well on the way to complete number one.   Lyme Regis is one of my favourite coastlines not just for the town but the whole jurassic legacy.  I’m a big fan of fossils and I regularly visit Lyme Regis to walk along the coastline and see what I can find.  The Cob is great for a walk on a windy day (but not gale force!) and the view along the coastline is beautiful.   Lyme has an enclosed harbour to keep the boats and yachts safe in stormy weather, and along one part of the harbour wall sits some fishermen’s huts.  

I’ve done this print already as a test piece at A4 when I went to Wales with Ian Phillips, but I wanted to do a bigger print in my own inks.  So here we have ‘The Fishermen’s Huts’ taking shape.  The inks are Intaglio Printmaker oil based inks and the paper is Zerkall extra smooth 145gsm.   I’ve decided to do my colour prints in small print runs so that I can have more variety of prints available throughout the year.  There’s method in my madness!

Here’s the progress so far.


I’ve transferred the image onto the lino freehand using the grid method.  Don’t forget to reverse your image so that it turns out the right way when you print it.  I’ve made a registration plate on my printing press bed using mount board and masking tape – very Heath Robinson!  Along the side you’ll also see a ‘yardstick’ for making sure I put the paper back in the same place each time for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th layer of colour.


Layer Number One

I’ve printed the first layer twice, first time with an even blue colour, the second time with a split colour.  It’s a sort of experiment to see which one comes out the best.  If they are both okay, I’ll have a variable edition.


Layer Number Two

Yellow Ochre – graduated colour.  I mixed a small amount of Burnt Umber in with some of the Yellow Ochre to darken the layer at the bottom of the print.


Colour Layer Number Three

Burnt Umber.  I only printed one of these yesterday as I wasn’t happy with the definition in the bottom right corner.  I need to cut out some more off the linoblock so that colour layer number two shows through better.  Overall I’m happy with this print, after I finish this layer there’ll be one more to go and it’ll be finished.  Let’s see if you can see what it is in the next post.

I hope that you have a good weekend,  whatever you’re up to. J



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