Glastonbury Tor – Black & White Linoprint

It’s nearly the end of January and I’m feeling pretty good about the studio work. The ‘Fishermen’s Huts’ prints are finally off the drying rack ready for inspecting and finalising the edition.

Not wishing to let the drying rack be empty for long, I began a small (A4 size) one colour print of Glastonbury Tor. This print has taken twelve hours from the initial sketch to the final artist proof and it’s been an enjoyable experience to try and get as much texture into the picture as possible.

A great aspect of single colour prints is that you don’t have to print the whole run in one go. I can print this one in batches when they’re needed. This print will be available on Etsy from the 1st of February, I’ll put a link on this blog when it’s ready.


Here’s some of the process for you:

Initial design and drawing onto the Lino with a trusty Sharpie pen.

Cutting out the ‘white’ areas

It’s sometimes difficult to see where you’ve cut, so I did a quick proof to check progress.

I usually write around the margin to remind me what I need to change. That way I’ve always got a permanent record too. Then it’s more cutting and another proof, hopefully this is the final proof before producing the edition.

Now it’s time to commit pen to paper for the next linoprint. I’m returning the wildlife that I see around me and will share progress as I go. I hope you join me to see how it progresses.


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