Pheasant Linocut – Colour Layers Four to Eight

I feel like I’ve been slightly short changing you with my postings lately.  I’ve been so busy cutting and printing that I have neglected to post each stage as I went.  Instead of jumping straight to where I am today, I thought I would post four, five, six and seven for you to see the progression and then finally the eighth layer which is the colour printed today.

So here is the whistle-stop tour of pheasant for you:


Colour Layer Number Four – Lemon Yellow, Warm Red & Yellow Ochre mixed together


Colour Layer Number Five – Lemon Yellow, Warm Red & Yellow Ochre Mixed together


Colour Layer Number Six – French Ultramarine and Yellow Ochre mixed together


Colour Layer Number Seven – Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine & Warm Red mixed together


Colour Layer Number Eight – Ultramarine & Permanent Violet mix

I’ve tried to build on each colour level so you’ll see that there actually a small number of colours used to create various shades of yellow/orange.  I’m now at the stage where the colours get markedly bright which is the crowning glory of the pheasant.  There’s only two stages left now; the red facial wattles and then finally the black edging to some of the feathers and tail feather.

I’m not managed to complete this in one month; I put that down to my inability to contain the number of colour layers that I use.  However, I think I’ve produced a richer print for this and am therefore happy to miss my self imposed deadline.  March will see something a bit more restricted hopefully – I’m going to aim for five (maybe six layers), but let’s concentrate on finishing the pheasant first!


6 thoughts on “Pheasant Linocut – Colour Layers Four to Eight

  1. Jean – I have really enjoyed watching this one progress but don’t rush it the self imposed deadline is madness – just get it to the point where you are satisfied that it is right.

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