The Somerset Levels

It’s been very sad to see the devastation caused by the floods on the Somerset Levels.  I drove the 15 miles to Burrow Mump to survey the impact of the flooding and although I’ve been watching it all unfold on the tv, I still was amazed by the scale of coverage on the farmland and roads.   In this photo you’ll see a touring caravan floating just in front of a tree.SomersetFlood2014


We stood at the top of Burrow Mump so that we could get a good view.  I did feel slightly guilty that it appeared to be a sight seeing trip, but I’ve travelled through these villages a lot and we’ve walked along these rivers many times.  I look forward to seeing the water receding soon so that families can start to clear up the mess and bring some semblance of order to the levels.  The impact on the families must be hard, and I hope that the commitment given by the Government to dredge the levels and provide flood defences and pumps will come through so that in future they will not have to suffer this.


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