Great Spotted Woodpecker … Progress so far

So, we’re off.  I’ve managed to get three layers done in the last week but have stalled slightly over lots of family activity!  So here’s the steps completed so far…


Colour Layer Number One

Yellow Ochre & Opaque White under layer.

I’m really taken with this colour as a great base colour.  Just taking the paper off the white!


Colour Layer Number Two

This is a beautiful shade of blue, created using Cobalt Blue and Opaque White.

I used this shade in the Fishermen’s Huts, Lyme Regis.


Colour Layer Number Three

Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow and Opaque White

There won’t be a huge amount of this green showing through, but it will add a great contrast to the browns and black.

A key aspect of this layer was to avoid printing any colour on the woodpecker himself.  I want to print just the black and red on these areas to avoid any registration issues.

More cutting tonight and then a brown layer tomorrow.

Hope you’re enjoying the process!


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