Great Spotted Woodpecker … progress and the finished print

I’ve enjoyed doing this print but I’m struggling with it somewhat.   Everything was going well until I got to the red colour for the crown and underbelly of the woodpecker.  I’m also not sure about the tree.  So I’ve resolved to do another woodpecker print and take the learning from this one to the next.

So, here’s the progress steps:


Colour Layer Number Four

Burnt Umber & a dash of opaque white

On reflection, I wish I hadn’t cut away so much lino to show the light colour and then I wish I had cut away more lino to show more green.  So, you live and learn!  It’s given me some food for thought though and that’s what this is all about.  Each step I take is hopefully a forward step in developing my printmaking practice.

Colour Layer Number Five – where is the photo?  Sorry, I didn’t  photograph this one.

This must be my first shy moment in sharing my work in progress, but I was so nervous of this whole part I decided not to photograph it.  I had tried putting together a template a la Sherrie York  here.  I didn’t link the edging on the print so scrapped that idea.  I think I might need to try it again though.  I’m sure it’s one of those processes that improves with lots of practice.   So I used a tiny, tiny roller and tried to be very careful.  Clearly I wasn’t careful enough and that’s why I lost so many prints.


Colour Layer Number Six

Shop Mix Velvet Black.

Print size – 25cm x 41 cm

Printed on Zerkall paper

So, here we are at the final print.  I don’t know how many will be in the edition yet, I’m too disappointed to look.  The red was a bit messy and I can’t explain it well, but let’s just say the black layer didn’t cover all the red.  I don’t think it was a registration issue as the registration has worked beautifully throughout this and the pheasant print.  So, I can only conclude the the problem lay with my application of the ink – perhaps there was too much.

As I say though, it’s been a great learning experience and I’ve got lots of learning to take forward.  I’m not sure if the trunk distracts from the woodpecker, my OH thinks the tree is sporting army camouflage!  I’m resolved to have another go at this print – slightly change the design and redo it over April.  It’ll be in the background as my mind has already moved onto the April colour print and it’s starting to come together, let’s just say it involved sheep!

Let me know your thoughts on Woodpecker.


2 thoughts on “Great Spotted Woodpecker … progress and the finished print

  1. I love it! My own style of art is quite graphic so perhaps that is why I enjoy the bold elements of this print. It is also easier for someone other than the artist to appreciate the piece as a whole because we don’t see the gaps between the intention and the outcome. I know I am my own worst critic. I have, once again, enjoyed following your process.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback. You’re right about the intention and the outcome. I don’t plan my pieces completely before I start cutting, I like to have an opportunity to make decisions along the way. I think this keeps me interested in the print as I don’t always know exactly where it’s going. I’m pleased you like seeing the process, it’s a pleasure to share.

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