Liebster Award




This is a first for me, and I have Laura to thank for it.

Laura is a mum of four who has emigrated from Scotland to Pennsylvania, USA.  In her blog she shares her experiences in her new homeland. Laura has a lovely style in her writing, both witty and sincere, not socially awkward as they says she is in person!

It’s funny how something like an award makes you stop and ask the question – why do I write this blog?

Well, for me it was the beginning of a journey and somehow I thought by recording it in public, it would help keep up the momentum on what has now been a four year journey, that I’m immensely happy with.  I think it’s a journey that will never end, but I’m happy about that too.

This was my first post

and it set me off on a printmaking journey which has been recorded throughout the years on my blog.

I have been very lucky with social media; I’ve befriended people that I would not normally have met, and they have provided me with feedback and encouragement on my journey.

So, the conditions of the Liebster Aware are as follows:


  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who presented the award to you and link back to their blog (not to do this would be very remiss!)
  • Share 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (I may have to flout this rule a little since I cannot figure out how to learn how many followers a blog has)
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Notify your nominees by posting your nomination on their blog


So, 11 things about myself; I’ll try to keep it brief so that you don’t get bored!

1.  I love watching nature – the good and the not so good parts!  I get so excited when Springwatch & Autumnwatch are aired on the BBC.  Just now an adder is attacking a blackbird nest … it’s all go!

2.  I have a bad habit of bringing home bits of dead animal, and if I’m lucky, a whole one.  At the moment there is a dead badger in the hedgerow decomposing.  He/She’s a bit smelly, but it’ll be worth it to see the skeleton! (refer to No 1)

3.  My favourite places are at the top of a mountain, in the depths of a wood, and sitting by the sea listening to the waves crashing in on a stormy day.

4.  My second favourite place is in my studio – preferably making artworks. A safe sanctuary when creativity flows undisturbed.

5.  I’m never happy with my prints, there’s always something I would have done differently (ever the critic).  I’m sure this is what pushes me on to improve my skills.

6.  There are three men in my life; one with four legs, one teenager and a husband, not loved in this order but all definitely loved!

7.  I’m not english although you would think so from my accent, I too am a Scottish immigrant living in a foreign country which I am happy to call my home.  Somerset is a beautiful county with the Somerset Levels,  Exmoor and the Quantocks.

8.  I have an eclectic taste in music from Opera, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Punk.  However, when the soul needs nourishment, it really has to be Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto K622.

9.  I prefer to watch a film than watch TV.  There are so many that I could call my favourite but one I return to often is Out of Africa for its sense of adventure,  love and loss.

10.  I’m very lucky to have siblings who I am close to and enjoy their company.  Although they don’t live in the same area as me, I see and speak to them regularly which I cherish.

11.  I believe that time is precious and is not to be wasted;  this poem was read to me today and it says so much;

The clock of life is wound but once,
And no man has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop
At late or early hour.

To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed,
To lose one’s health is more,
To lose one’s soul is such a loss
That no man can restore.

The present only is our own,
So Live, Love, toil with a will
Place no faith in “Tomorrow”
For the clock may then be still.

Robert H. Smith

So now it’s time for me to nominate my eleven nominees and I hope that you will take some time to visit their blogs and see what they are up to.

All I ask of the recipients of my nomination is that they share a little of themselves with 11 things you might not know about them.

So, here they are!

1.  Haidee-jo is an award winning plien air painter from England.  She produces wonderful paintings – take a look!

2.  Dean Lewis is the illustrator and Design Editor for the Wales Arts Review and produces wonderful artwork.  He is also the co-founder of #DrawingAugust

3.  Jackie Morris is an author, illustrator and fine artist.  Her books, illustrations, and paintings are just such a joy to behold. Oh! and her cats are amazing too.

4.  As a designer for tableware Lucy has a fascination for vintage china and loves scouring second-hand shops, salvage yards and antique shops for old-fashioned crockery.

5.  Samantha Zaza posts wonderful photos from her travels around the world.  She also posts her urban sketches.

6.  One of my absolute favourite blogs.  I love Sherrie York’s work and find it such an inspiration.

7.  Becca Thorne’s blog was one of the first ones I followed.  I love her work and crochet slippers!

8.  I love Alison Deegan’s prints.  A lovely blog to follow.

9.  I am slightly envious of Jane Palmer – I’d love to be able to do a painting a day but I’m sure that even if I could mine would be a good as these!

10.  Wonderful paintings using Julie’s fracturing technique.

11.  This is my sister-in-laws blog – she’s a published author of kids fiction.    A great achievement born out of hard work and determination.

So, I hope I haven’t bored you as I ramble, but thanks again to Laura for the nomination – I’m touched.

Finally, to you the reader, why don’t you follow the blogs above and enjoy some new rambling!  I am always pleased to see you visit here and hope you will continue to visit for a long time to come.


One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. The award was well-deserved and I am glad I was able to pay it forward to you.

    So not only do we have Scottishness and art in common but also the dead animal thing. I once found a dead hedgehog that still looked so vital that I posed him in photographs. My husband was mortified. One of my sisters and I used to find dead animals and store them in a crawl space in our Grandad’s cellar and we would go back to study the skeletons. Birds mostly but also rodents and bats. It suddenly struck me years later when my Grandad died and his house sold that the new owners might make a macabre discovery in that crawl space.

    Anyway, back to the point, I am going to check out all of the blogs you listed as soon as I have a moment.

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