Come and see my Etchings!

… apparently that’s how the chat up line goes, although I’m sure the word ‘upstairs’ should be in there. Victorian gentlemen at their best!

Although I can say this in earnest as today I have spent a wholly uninterrupted day working on an etching.  This is a luxury indeed as usually there is something or someone asking for some attention.  It’s not complete and has been a laborious process but here’s progress so far.  I’ve worked on a zinc plate for this one.

The bottom print is the first before I began working further on the picture and adding texture to the sky.  It’s become a bit dark and brooding although I quite like it this way.  Lots more work on definition to be done tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to print an edition tomorrow.  When I get some time, I’ll talk through the process but let’s just say in typical Jean style that it’s very messy!




2 thoughts on “Come and see my Etchings!

  1. You clever girl, I wouldn’t be too worried about learning to paint if I could produce work like this, lovely x

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