Falling in love with Etching


It’s been a very busy week in the Stevens household so there’s not much art to show you. That said, I wanted to show you my Hare etching that I’ve done off the back of a sketch I did last year.

I love etchings, for the fact that you can make such fine lines; a real drawing quality that you can’t get with Lino (or that might just be me!).

I haven’t done etching for a long time because of all the preparation you need to do; preparation of the metal plates, using hard ground/soft ground , using an acid bath, lots of mess (again that might just be me, I constantly have messy fingers). And, if you’re really lucky, you end up with a lovely print.

I’m out of practice with the acid bath, but Hare turned out well, so he’ll be featuring in my exhibition.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, and have had great weather. It’s been a lovely day, too lovely for paperwork!


5 thoughts on “Falling in love with Etching

  1. I have a friend who etches so I know it’s a very finicky and labour-intensive process. I look forward to seeing where you take this new direction.

    • Hi Laura, Hope you’re well. It is a finicky process but the outcomes (when they word) are wonderful. I love the drawn quality to etchings and that’s why I want to rekindle these.

      • I agree with you about the outcome which is why I own quite a few etchings. I always intended having my friend teach me the process but never got round to it and now I’ve crossed the ocean. Maybe some day I will give it a go.

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