#DrawingAugust 2014 – have you signed up yet?

It’s nearly the 1st August and that when a group of like minded individuals pick up the pencils, pens, brushes and paints and begin producing one drawing or sketch each day for the month of August. If you have the staying power you will hopefully end up with 31 pictures that you’ve shared on twitter each day with the hashtag #DrawingAugust for all the world to see and marvel at your colourful timeline!

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. Just tweet me @jeanstevens4 and I’ll add you to the group list. It would be great to exceed last years number and we are, so far, a group of 132. Last year we made 230 so let’s spread the word and make this another great event!

PS I’ve been practising! (I promise I’m not competitive, just want to set a good example!)


Come along for the ride, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and look back on a very productive month. No special skills required – drawings don’t have to be a masterpiece!


2 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust 2014 – have you signed up yet?

  1. Thank you, Jean. Just found out about #DrawingAugust, and today is only 3rd of August, so I can still catch up …

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