#DrawingAugust Day 1 and a new sketchbook!



Starting something new on a Friday is a strange thing. Normally you’re on the wind down to the weekend and the thought of a lie in (even if it’s only by an hour) or the chance to relax and take it easy is uppermost in your mind. However, today is the 1st August and that means the beginning of 31 days of producing a drawing, sketch, or painting every day for 31 days.

Now these aren’t meant to be masterpieces, they’re supposed to be drawings to be shared within a supportive community and that’s hopefully what we’ll have again this year.

So, pick up your pencil, pen, pastel or brush and join our merry band of #DrawingAugust participants and learn or develop that drawing skill and habit.

Just tweet me to join the group @jeanstevens4 – I’ll be expecting you!


6 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust Day 1 and a new sketchbook!

  1. I think your drawing – and your painting of it – is lovely. It’s very delicate. I look forward to seeing what you produce across the course of your challenge month and do hope you will share each drawing on this blog. I am going to attempt a “drawing a day” challenge for September (once I have moved house again and had a chance to unpack all my art stuff again) and my kids have decreed that the theme is going to be mythology. It’s always great to have a creative challenge.

  2. So glad you set this up, Jean – thanks! I had a long day and got home exhausted and ready to crash. Then saw my new sketchbook waiting…couldn’t fall behind on the very first day! Dug up a pencil and got started. đŸ™‚

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