#DrawingAugust Day 4


Here’s a painting of a rather special vase which belonged to my Mum and now has a special place in my studio. It’s a beautiful vase (in fact it has a little handle and a spoon but I left those out of the painting) and the background colour glistens when the light catches it. It’s much more beautiful than I’ve painted it but I think it’s a fair representation.

I’m also pleased with the colour and how the paint is working on this paper. When I’ve used more pages I’ll be able to do a review of this little sketchbook that I’m using. So far, so good!

I hope that you’re not going to get bored of these small watercolour studies – there are another 27 days of painting to go!


4 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust Day 4

    • Hi Maxine, it’s great to hear that the article in Artists & Illustrators has encouraged others. I hope you enjoy #DrawingAugust. I’m pleased you like the painting of Mum’s vase, it was a pleasure to paint. J

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