#DrawingAugust Days 7, 8, 9 & 10

It’s been a busy few days in the Stevens household, so I thought I would group together some of the #DrawingAugust watercolour sketches and show you all in one go.  Sorry if you’ve been looking forward to a daily view, hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow.



Day 7

A quick field sketch of some thistles.  There aren’t many of these left now as the farmers have been cutting back the hedgerow.  They are so full of colour, they stand out amongst the hedges very well.  I used the new Winsor & Newton watercolour pen for the background.  I think I’ll need more practice to work with these!



Day 8

Daisies.  Another field sketch.  Lots of daisies still in the fields especially where I walk Mr P.  I love the contrast of the yellow against the green.  I’ve used white gouache for the petals as this paper is an ivory colour so the petals would have looked quite wrong!



Day 9

We are currently receiving the tail end of Hurricane Bertha, so we’ve had lots of rain and wind.  I wasn’t able to go out for a long time yesterday, so a visit to the local church was a great opportunity for a quick watercolour sketch.


Day 10

It’s been a busy day today.  Visiting relatives, doing housework, and then designing the next linocut.  Conscious of the time, I pulled this lovely jug off the kitchen window sill and produced a very quick watercolour sketch.  It’s now returned to the kitchen window sill where it will stay until I suddenly need an instant model again!

Hopefully, I’ll be posting about the linocut tomorrow!


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