#DrawingAugust Day 20 – 25

Okay, so I am officially rubbish at keeping my posting promises! In my defence family has taken priority of the last week and my access to technology has been limited.  So, here are my last six days’ sketches.  They are all painted in my Stillman & Birn Delta Series Sketchbook which I am really enjoying using.  It’s nearly finished now (I’ve only painted on one side of the paper – luxury I know) but I wanted this book just to be for #DrawingAugust and nothing else.  I’ve enjoyed this sketchbook so much that I’ve bought three new A4 Stillman & Birn sketchbooks each one from a different series so that I can see how they all work.


Day 20

Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly


Day 21



Day 22



Day 23

Lyme Regis. A watchtower on the sea front.


Day 24

Calves in the fields near my home


Day 25

It’s raining heavily here today so this is a small watercolour sketch from a previous pencil sketch I did on holiday in France at Montreuil Sur Mer.


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