#DrawingAugust – A big Thank You! (& Days 29, 30 & 31)

So yet another #DrawingAugust is over and it’s been wonderful to see such a range of styles again.  From the seasoned professional to the complete novice (including some very young participants) there has been such a great mix of styles and abilities.  If you’re not sure why we do this, it’s because of the following:

1.  It’s great fun to do something with lots of other people – build a sense of community

2.  It helps to improve your drawing skills

3.  It takes 30 days to form a habit (so some experts say) and you’ll know that we’ve added one more day in for August just to make sure.

4.  Putting your work “out there” for all the world to see is a big step and there are lots of supportive people here to help and encourage you in your pursuit of producing good drawings.

So, if you took part, a big THANK YOU! and if you didn’t and would like to, then come along for the ride next August – you might enjoy yourself!


Here’s my last set of drawings



Day 29

This is a beautiful Bristol Blue vase that sits on my studio window sill.  It has such a deep colour.

Painted in my Stillman & Birn Delta Series Sketchbook – it’s now full!


Day 30

We’re all getting ready for school which starts on the 1st September for G so I’ve resorted to redrawing and painting some sketches done a few years ago.  This is an old Cornish tin mine that we visited on holiday a few years ago.

IMG_1256Day 31

This is a quick watercolour sketch of Sidmouth Beach.  At 9.00pm I didn’t have a sketch but I was determined to finish with a drawing on the last day, so here it is.

Painted in Moleskine watercolour sketchbook.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the artwork on #DrawingAugust – here is a link to a Pinterest board created to show the range of drawings/sketches submitted as part of #DrawingAugust 2014 – Click HERE – Just brilliant.


7 thoughts on “#DrawingAugust – A big Thank You! (& Days 29, 30 & 31)

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing your drawings. I’m impressed with the quality of each work given the time pressure. I thank you for sharing the challenge and for inspiring me to undertake my Drawing a Day challenge for this month. If Drawing August is an annual thing, perhaps I will even get my act together enough to participate next year.

  2. Wish I had joined in Jean but life was a bit hectic this year. Really enjoyed looking at the work by others though. Well done for getting so many people sharing work – you have started something really great.

    • Hi Mary, I know what you mean regarding a hectic life at the moment. It’ll be great if you can do it next year, as I’m sure it will happen again! It’s been a great month and made successful because of all those that take part!

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