Somerset Arts Weeks

I am still here!  After #DrawingAugust finished it was all hands on deck for the new school year and getting ready for Somerset Arts Weeks.  I’m exhibiting in my studio this year and there’s lots to do to organise some hanging space for all the prints I want to put on display.  It’s been a family affair with all the organising and I must admit, I’m getting quite excited.  With all the organising going on I might not post very much but I’m hoping to do a couple more updates before Saturday 20th, when it all begins.

Here’s some new cards that I collected from Pennybatch last week.  Pennybatch now offer an on line card ordering service and I can’t recommend them enough.  Their customer service is fantastic as well as the quality of their work.  You’ll find them at

IMG_1259 IMG_1268


I’ve worked through all the work I have available now and know what I’m going to exhibit.  I just need to begin the jigsaw puzzle that is the hanging space to ensure that they all fit on the walls.  It’s definitely keeping me very busy and this is only half the work in this photo!


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