Somerset Art Weeks 20th September until 5th October 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks getting ready for Somerset Art Weeks but we’re there now and all is going well.  The Banner sits outside the studio to let everyone know that they’ve arrived; it’s a recent addition to my promotional equipment and it certainly makes a statement.  Thanks to Linda Cote for sharing her’s with me to give me ideas of how to design it and for Christian at for producing this for me.

The exhibition space took a few weeks to organise.  As much as I would like this to be my studio, it’s not!  I have a very small studio at home which is full of equipment and I wouldn’t be able to fit in many people or hang much on the walls. So, I’ve decamped to the Sun Room at home; making the most of the light to show off the prints.   There’s plenty of room in here for visitors to view my work without feeling that they in the way of each other and that’s so important if you want visitors to take the time to look properly.  I’ve been able to show visitors the linoprinting process and some have even had a go at printing a small sea gull.  It’s always appreciated when visitors like your work enough to part with their hard earned cash and I hope that those visitors who have purchased a print or card enjoy them for years to come.  It’s amazing how many visitors have bought cards and have already said they won’t send them to anyone!

If you can come, it would be lovely to see you.   Have a coffee/tea, have a chat, and have a browse.









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