Talking to School Children!

So, what do you do when you have eight kids coming to the studio to talk about your work.  Well, for one thing don’t talk for too long in case you bore them senseless!

I had the pleasure of talking to kids from my local primary school about printmaking; why I do it, how I do it, where I get my inspiration from.  I think the best thing though is for them to experience something themselves, so out came the water based ink and a small pre cut lino of a seagull that I had cut for anyone (even the adults) who wanted to have a go.

Eight, well behaved, children took turns and used the nipping press to produce their own print to take home.  For health and safety reasons, I thought it best to work the press myself.  Wouldn’t want any squashed fingers now would we!

So at the end of an hour, eight children thanked me very politely and walked back to school with a seagull print in their hands.  I hope that they have taken some excitement away with them to try some more.



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