Life after Somerset Arts Weeks

How exhausting is it to take down an exhibition, pack everything away, sort out the finances to check it was worth doing and finally get yourself back to normal?  Apologies for the long sentence (it did go on a bit)!  It took two days to take all the artwork down and get the studio back to normal.  Having got myself all ready to begin printing I am sad to say that my time was hijacked by other things.  I’ve finally managed to get into the studio for an hour this afternoon and I’ve produced a small watercolour painting for a friend.  I’m itching to get back to the lino blocks so hopefully in the next week or two that will happen.


This is the first time that I have exhibited for Somerset Arts Weeks at my own studio and it’s been a success for lots of reasons.  I kept a visitors book for the 16 days and asked as many people as I could to record what they thought of the exhibition.  I’m keen to see what people think of my work and it was great to talk directly to people as well as read their comments at the end of the exhibition.  The visitor numbers across Somerset Arts Week caused lots of comments from the artists taking part and I would have gladly welcomed more people to the studio, but I’m happy that there were plenty of people to talk to at my venue.   There is quite an outlay for any exhibition; the exhibition space, framing, mounting, card production and promotional material so it’s always great when sales are made.   A number of framed and mounted prints went off to new homes and cards were in great demand.   Follow on sales from Arts Week have already started and that’s just brilliant.  So, it’s a big tick for this year and my head is already thinking about next year, which will be a group exhibition.

I have a long ‘to do’ list given that we are rapidly approaching Christmas – I’m hoping to put some of my mounted work on Etsy – so if you’re interested in owning an original print, please keep an eye on my shop here.  Well, it’s Sunday evening and time to start thinking about the week ahead. I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.




Roses & Clematis






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