A New Year – new promises …

Well, the door to 2014 has finally closed and, for my part, I’m glad to be moving into 2015.   We lost some very special people in April and May last year and those events meant that, for me, art took a back seat to concentrate on Family.  The year had started so well and the promises that I had made to myself were starting to take shape; however as happens sometimes, you have to adjust to the priorities in front of you!  So, this is the beginning of a new year and time to look forward to new beginnings.

Before time takes wings and disappears in front of me I want to make sure that I’m using it wisely. As I did for 2014,  I’ve made some promises to myself for 2015; most of them are a repeat from last year – let’s see if I can tick some of them off this year! I’m hoping to look back at this post and see how I’ve done at the end of 2015, not just in terms of ticking off the list, but seeing how I’ve developed as an artist.

So here are my promises written ‘out loud’ to give me extra encouragement.

1.  Take stock of my 2014 journey and remind myself that, in terms of art, there were lots of successes – I’ll do a couple of posts on this (there’s another promise!)

2. To complete one colour print each month. This should give me 12 new prints by the end of 2015. It may not seem a lot but when time is limited and the colour layers are many, then prints can take a bit of time.

3. Do some of my prints in a larger scale – this may mean that these prints will require the use of a baren. This is quite a physical way of transferring the ink over to the paper, so I’m going to get strong arms!

4. Take my pochade box, filled with oil paints, and go painting outdoors. I love being outdoors and I think this is a good excuse to be outside as much as possible.

5. Do more painting and colour experimenting; I want to make the best use of time at home so developing my skills with colour mixing and use will be time well spent.

6. Draw, draw, draw – at every opportunity – I’m hoping that we will have a third year of #DrawingAugust.

It’s an activity packed list, and I’m looking forward to it.

What will you be doing in 2015? What promises have you made to learn something new? develop a skill you already have? or just have more fun?

And just to start the year off well… I’ve set up my easel to do lots of small paintings, put this together with flowers and voilà ..


15cm x 15cm

Oil on Board


3 thoughts on “A New Year – new promises …

  1. I like all of your goals and look forward to seeing what you achieve with them. I am also setting myself a lot of art goals but my main aim for this year is to restore some balance back into my life. After two years of chaos, change and transition, it is badly needed. Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2015.

  2. Hi Jean. Love this post! Happy to be reminded that I too have a list… But scattered in my head. That needs to change and must be written down. I managed a couple of artistic goals in 2014, but for 2015 time looks tighter, and this calls for structure if I want to achieve some artistic milestones. Am moving in Jan into a larger flat where I can finally have my own studio in which I hope to be as productive ad possible despite all that ‘busy work’ ahead of me. And totally looking forward to #drawingaugust! Good luck and loads of fun and success accomplishing your artistic goals and thanks for reminding me of mine 🙂

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