Sketchbook Painting


From Kay

Sketchbook Painting – Watercolour

Stillman & Birn, Delta Series, A4 Sketchbook

Beautiful flowers doth not automatically a good painting make!  There’s so much wrong with this painting, but it was fun to do and so I thought I’d still show it on my blog.  I’ve pottered in the studio today looking at objects I could paint (in oils) and finally deciding that I needed to capture these beautiful flowers from Kay before they all died.  Quite a few have already gone and this is the last few remaining.  The bouquet contained some beautiful Tulips and Irises but I didn’t feel well enough to paint them when they arrived.  Now that I’m much better from the dreaded lurgi, I thought I would capture what’s left.  My brain was so addled that I didn’t even think to take lots of photos for when I was better.  Never mind, I’ll just need to get some more of these as they were gorgeous. Thank you Kay for the thoughtful gift!

So what started as a quick watercolour sketch turned into a two hour painting session and the thing is, even though I knew my sketch wasn’t quite right, I still carried onto the painting.  Once you’ve done that it’s hard to rescue anything.  I won’t bother listing all the errors but feel free to critique yourself, if you’d like to leave a comment regarding it – feel free, all feedback gratefully received.

I’ve painted this in one of my Stillman & Birn sketchbooks which I am just loving using (Available at Jacksons Art).  They lie completely flat, so you can paint across the spine for a bigger picture.  The paper holds water well and take all sorts of abuse without disintegrating.  I now have quite a few of these sketchbooks waiting to be filled with sketches, drawings and paintings.  The paints are St Petersburgh Watercolour Paints and I used my wonderful Rosemary & Co brushes (they hold so much water and keep their shape).



3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Painting

  1. Not your best, but you’ve kept the colours clean!

    I too use St Petersburg watercolours and find them wonderful…always fresh and strong, although some of the earths seem a bit gooey.

    I’ve just started with lino printing so will have to update my website in due course…please have a look:


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