Some exciting news …

.. and I’m looking for a confession from someone – who stole January?  I remember New Year’s Eve quite clearly (really, I can!) and then all of a sudden we’re marching towards February.  I know I’ve been ill for quite a few weeks with the cough virus that’s been going around like a plague here in the UK, but I thought I would still have some of January to produce some work.  I’m pleased to say I’m finally on the mend, and I’m hoping that the lurgi merry go ’round doesn’t stop back with me any time soon.

So, “what’s the exciting news?” I hear you ask (have you said it?) – drum roll please… My work is now available at the A2 Gallery in Wells, Somerset.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 14.39.42

I’m so pleased to be showing here as it’s such a lovely gallery.  Alan (who owns and runs the gallery) has just put a virtual tour up onto Google so why don’t you take a look at all the lovely art on offer (including mine).  Wells is a beautiful city and it’s tiny so it doesn’t take days and days to get around it.  The cathedral is stunning and so is the Bishop’s Palace.  It’s also very busy because of these historic buildings and hopefully that will mean lots of potential customers, from all over the world, who will see my work.  So, if you’re ever in Wells, please go and see Alan at the Gallery.

PS, I’ve spent yesterday in the studio playing around experimenting with the bits of plants that I collected on my walk yesterday morning and this is how Mr P looked at the end of that walk! What a cutie!



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