Daily Painting – well not quite …

.. but I’m on the way to achieving a more frequent painting routine.  The trouble is, it’s now absorbing nearly every moment of the day.  When I’m out, I’m looking for possible plein air painting spots, and also wondering if street scenes would make a good painting.  I’m not going outside to paint yet .. it’s too cold for me.

Ironically, I was stuck in traffic yesterday morning whilst listening to a great song by Gaz Coombes called “moving”.  At the moment though that’s just how this painting journey is feeling. It’s certainly gaining momentum, I just need to be careful that I don’t lose sight of my printmaking along the way.

To help me on that journey, I’ve been reading this book by Carol Marine and this has spurred me on to get off my bottom and do more painting.  It’s full of great advice regarding painting in general and also Carol explains her working style to give you some understanding of how she’s become such a prolific and successful painter.  Her work connects with me on so many levels (I think I have now developed a small crush – on the paintings).  If you want to see what I’m talking about, have a look at Carol’s blog here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 11.48.02

Daily Painting by Carol Marine

I’m currently painting 6″x6″ oil paintings which I can complete in a few hours, so that fits well with my other commitments and artwork.  I’ve decided that I’ll put some of these paintings up for sale or auction on the Daily Paintworks website, so if you see anything you like, why don’t you have a flutter.  The starting prices will be $60 (it’s a US site) – which in today’s money is approximately £40.

After the yellow roses I painted after Christmas, this painting is the next one – I’ll try and post them in painting order.


Crowding In

6″x6″ Oil on Board

This one isn’t for sale but I’ll be posting the first available one tomorrow!


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