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So, here’s the first available painting from my new ‘almost’ daily paintings.  I think I might manage 2-3 a week at the moment, but we’ll see how it goes.  Some paintings will take longer than others.  I’ve been doing carnations this week and they are definitely tricky little blighters!

I have this jug on my kitchen window sill. On a sunny day the light bounces off it and the colours glow. I always keep tomatoes on my window sill too as it helps them to ripen. I’ve called this painting Squeeze as it looks like the tomatoes are trying to get ever closer to the jug and have a big hug!

This is a 6″x6″ oil painting on a canvas board using Winsor & Newton artists grade paints. It’s painted “alla prima” which means all in one go. It’s great fun to paint this way but also challenging.


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