Standing Tall – take 2

I had a little blip with my blog post this morning as I was trying to do this on my iPad with a dodgy internet connection.  Half of the post was missing together with the photo.  So, I’m trying again from the mac and hopefully this will be fine.  It is nice to sit in the sun in a comfy chair writing your blog but now I’m sat at the studio table on my unpredictable wheely chair that has no back on it.  It does make me sit up straight though so that’s a plus point.

So, here’s the next “not quite” daily painting, although I am pleased to report that I’ve completed 15 paintings since Christmas – 14 of which I’m pleased with, one was a disappointment so I’m not going to post it.  You might just see “the disaster” if you look at the shelves that my hubby has put up for me in my studio.  It’s at the top right corner. (I’ll show you these tomorrow).

The story behind this painting is a tale of friends, tea & cake, and a beautiful glass bauble.

I met my good friend Jackie Curtis (have a look at her work, it’s fab) for a coffee and cake at the Shakespere Glass factory and gallery in Langport a few weeks ago and bought a lovely glass bauble. The colours are many; pink, purple, blue, and turquoise. The light bounces off the bauble and the colours glisten when it is held up to the light. Such a pretty thing to have so I thought it would look good with my blue bottle and two of my Mum’s vases. The gerboras stood out well against the very pale pink background and altogether the objects look good together.

It’ll be available on Daily Paintworks tomorrow, so if you think you might like this to hang in your home why don’t you have a go at the auction. The auction starts at $60 which is approximately £40 for my British friends, it’ll need framing but you can get some lovely floating frames so that they don’t hide any of the paint surface.


Standing Tall

6″ x 6″ Oil on Board

Click here to bid

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend 🙂


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