A Story of Art & Money

Here’s an interesting story about a little known man called Paul Durand Ruel and how he brought impressionism to the masses.  This National Gallery has put together a very short clip about him which is worth watching. Just click on his name above. 

I visited the impressionist exhibition in London on Wednesday at the National Gallery and was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the collection that I saw. So many paintings that I knew from reading books and seeing them on the Internet. This didn’t prepare me for the moment when they would be hanging on a wall in front of me. It was splendid and for the first time I have come away with a feeling that I need to go back again, just so that I can soak it up properly.  

One of my favourite painting was Fox Hill by Camille Pissarro (1830-1903). I think I just fell in love with the everyday nature of the painting, something familiar. 

Fox Hill, Upper Norwood – Pissarro 

If you get the chance to visit this exhibition, please do – you won’t be disappointed. It runs until the 31st May 2015 so there’s plenty of time! 


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