Grey Heron – Layer One

Light grey – a lovely mix of white, black (tiny amount), ultramarine blue (tiny amount), all intaglio printmaker old based inks.  I wasn’t sure whether I’d got the key just right, but I am happy with it now that I have seen the other layers sitting on top.  You’ll see this soon too, as soon as I get better at posting as soon as I’ve done the layer!


Grey Heron – Layer One

This initial layer is a little bit mottled but I’m not worried about this as there are five or six more layers to print and I don’t necessarily want a slick poster look.  The mottling creates extra texture which can sometimes be missing in linoprints.  You can create a similar effect from using caustic soda on the linoblock and that would be more consistent throughout the edition where as mine will be a little more haphazard.  It suits me well as I’m not interested in creating a perfect print every time.  I like the nuances.

This print is 250 x 410mm – slightly smaller than A3.


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