Grey Heron – Colour Layer 5


Grey Heron

Colour Layer 5 – Cobalt Blue (mixed with white)

Only two layers left after this one, the next one will be Burnt Umber for the Reeds and then the black key block.  This layer didn’t print well for some reason so I’ve repeated this.  It’s come through well now so I can cut away all the blue ready for the final two blocks.

There’s a bit of mottling on this layer at the top left corner, but I quite like this.  For me it shows that this isn’t some computer generated, homogenous picture produced by robots – it’s made with my own hands inking and pulling it through my press. You can’t get more industrious than that, can you.

I had some crinkling of the paper when I printed the dark brown so I’ve taken a few photos of the problem and remedy to share tomorrow.  That’s if I remember to post!


One thought on “Grey Heron – Colour Layer 5

  1. This is looking terrific, Jean. I always enjoy following your process. I also embrace the mottling as a signifier of something being hand created. The touch of the artist adds value I think.

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