Grey Heron – Colour Layer 6


Grey Heron – Layer 6

Burnt Umber

It’s fair to say that this layer has been rather testing and it resorted to a step back and ponder for a creasing issue that developed.  The challenge (I call it that with the best of intentions!) is that there are so many variables for what can go wrong that it’s hard to redress any issues.  Could it be the pressure of the press? Could it be the paper? Could it be the ink? Could it be …..? In the end, I decided that the paper was getting drawn into the centre of the plate when it went under the roller and because of this, a crease was developing just at the top of the paper.  The solution was to reduce the void at the bottom of the plate, so that the paper would lay flat under the roller.   I cut some mount board to fill where all the blue had been cut away.  This solved the issue and I was able to print the remaining sheets.  Unfortunately I lost four prints while I tried to work it out what the problem was and so my edition is now reduced by four, which is a shame.  However, as I said, this is all part of the challenge – and something I will remember well in future.

 Crease1 HeronPlate


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