Staithes , Yorkshire – A Painting Weekend


It was a wonderful weekend in Staithes, last weekend.  The weather was great, the food was brilliant, the company was just amazing.  I spent three days with a group of plain air painters and the very talented Haidee-Jo Summers was our teacher for the weekend.  Haidee-Jo is an exceptional plein air painter and you can see some examples of her work here.

As you know, printmaking is my specialism however, you will also know that I love being outdoors in the natural environment  and to this end, I want to be able to combine my love of art with my love of nature and learn to paint outdoors.  This is my second time at Staithes and we were hosted by Al Milnes at the Staithes Gallery.  Al organises many different courses so take a look at the Staithes Gallery website here.

I came home with three finished paintings, one very nearly finished, and two started but still needing a lot of work!  However, I can already see my work improving and developing and I’m determined to build on the experience of this weekend to keep the momentum going!  If you’ve every thought that this might be something you’d like to do.  Pick up some paints, brushes and a panel and get out there.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I have (it will also be very challenging and sometimes frustrating, but that’s all part of the process!).

Here’s the three I managed to finish.




Any finally, two of them framed.  They’ll be signed and varnished before they are hung on the wall.  I’m putting them in my studio as a reminder of where I am at June 2015 and then I can look back in June 2016 and see how I’ve developed further. I’m looking forward to that!



5 thoughts on “Staithes , Yorkshire – A Painting Weekend

  1. Hello Jean just found my way to your Blog. Looks like you had a great sunny few days in Staithes with Haidee-Jo, and did some lovely work. Now lots of roaming with your Open M I think! 🙂

    • It was such a great time Mary. Really enjoyed it. Haidee-Jo is such a great painter, it was lovely to spend time with her. It’s more of a painting holiday with support rather than a course and lucky for us, it’s on again next year. So, I’m looking forward to returning again. Hope you are well!

    • Hi Sheila
      Sorry, I’ve been slow to review the comments. Thanks for leaving not one but two. It was a great weekend. I’m glad you found your way to my blog. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading along with my adventures in print and oil paint.

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