Garden Visitors – Sciurus carolinensis

Playing hide and seek in amongst all the branches. I just about managed to capture this grey squirrel feeding.  We have a hazelnut tree in the garden and the squirrels have taken and hidden most of the nuts.  They’ve buried lots at the bottom of the cherry tree and return regularly to retrieve them.

Cheeky little fellows, aren’t they!


Grey Squirrel – Studio Garden


Grey Squirrel – Studio Garden


3 thoughts on “Garden Visitors – Sciurus carolinensis

  1. I have the world’s most obese squirrels in my garden. I have lots of bird feeders so the squirrels and chipmunks get easy pickings from what the birds drop. My 8 year old actually looked at one squirrel with a spare tire and said, “That squirrel is going to get diabetes”. I do enjoy the grey squirrels but find I miss my wee red squirrels from back home.

    • I miss seeing the red squirrels too, and occasionally get to see them on my travels north. I don’t suppose the squirrels understand the need to keep trim so they can jump between the trees!

      • Argyll was one of the enclaves in Britain where the red squirrel population was not in competition with the invasive greys so we saw them quite often in our garden and around town. No red squirrels in America, of course. I rather suspect our garden squirrels find foraging far too easy around here and don’t have to burn enough calories to earn their food. I honestly saw one who looked like he had a beer belly. It was quite comical.

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