Petit Paintings – In Full Bloom

I spent a very quiet Boxing Day morning with my oil paints and a beautiful rose.

It took two hours to paint this petit painting which is 6″x6″ (15cm x 15cm), but it was indeed a wonderful two hours!


In Full Bloom


In Full Bloom – in progress

I’m not used to sitting down to paint and it’s something that I’m not too keen to repeat.  I found it really difficult to keep ‘stepping back’ to see the painting develop.  Good job my seat has wheels!

I’m planning to do a lot (and I mean a lot) of petit paintings in 2016 – what plans have you got?


5 thoughts on “Petit Paintings – In Full Bloom

  1. Great start to the new year! I find that working in a series really helps me focus my creative energies and helps me track my process. Perhaps you are aiming for the same with your petit paintings.

    I’m doing three art courses this year, though only two of them run for the full year, and I’m also aiming to finish my altered book of monsters and work on a series of 100 ink and watercolour faces. Typing it all out, that looks like a lot.

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