Petit Paintings – The Posy


The Posy

Oil on Board 6″x6″


The Posy – Work in Progress – Jean Stevens


Here’s a little lesson learned.  Don’t try to photograph your painting whilst it’s still wet …. it doesn’t work very well.  I think I’ve just about go this photo but as soon as it’s fully dry, I’ll post another photo.

This was really difficult to paint, but I’m glad I persevered as I think it’s just about turned out okay.  It is a little bit lighter than shown in the top photo  – a better view of the colours is in the second.

I’ve used mainly cadmium red, cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue in this painting and I think that’s why it all hangs well together.  Even the shadow is a mix of all three.  I work with a limited palette so that’s something to share with you on another post together with some details of who is inspiring me to paint more regularly!


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