Petit Paintings – From Amsterdam


From Amsterdam    Oil on Board  6″x6″

You know these paintings are called ‘still life’, well someone ought to tell the tulips.  They really are fidgets.  That lovely flower in the bottom left corner just kept opening and leaning over to get a better view of me painting.  Really, you’d think they’d know their role in this process.  They really do keep you on your toes, no dilly dallying when you’re painting tulips.

For my friends in the UK, I’m taking part in an Art Fair in early April.  I’ll post more details a bit nearer the time but I’ll be selling my prints, paintings and cards.  It would be great to see you, so pop along if you can.


4 thoughts on “Petit Paintings – From Amsterdam

  1. Your description of the activity of a flower brought back a happy memory! One summer morning as I walked past the iris bed as I do several times each day on my way to the barn, I noticed a flower just barely beginning to open. Actually, what I noticed was the shape of the small opening at the top of the nearly-closed flower. When I walked past a couple of minutes later, although the flower looked the same, the shape of the opening had changed a bit. Stopped me in my tracks! Immediately declared a break from chores, pulled up a stool, and took a series of photographs of the flower opening, moment by moment, over a matter of minutes.
    I love iris but had never, ever watched one opening. It was thrilling!
    Of course, this is one time when photography has a definite advantage over drawing 😉

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