Rosa  Oil Painting  149mm x 118mm

I’m taking part in a postcard art exhibition organised by David Sandum called #TwitterArtExhibit.   This group believes that “Through art we can change the world” and it’s a very thought provoking statement when you take some time to think of how art (in it’s broadest sense) impacts our world.

If you are interested in taking part; it’s open to both amateur and professional artists, click on the link here to find out more. Even if you can’t do it this year, how about next year?

As I’m really into playing with my oil paints I thought I would produce a small painting of a rose.  For this I’ve used oil painting paper rather than canvas.  There are clear guidelines of what’s required so I’m hoping that my paper is stiff enough to go through the checking process.



Here’s a photo of the painting varnished before posting.  I don’t usually post varnished paintings as the varnish creates a sheen which reflects the light, but the varnish also lifts and brightens the painting which gives it more impact.


One thought on “#TwitterArtExhibit

  1. When I admired this painting earlier on twitter, I didn’t realize it was your submission for the art exhibit – it’s a stunner, Jean!

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