Petit Paintings – Mother’s Bouquet


Mother’s Bouquet    Oil on Board   6″x6″

Available in my Folksy Shop. Click here for details.

I have a few paintings waiting to be listed and sometimes I forget what I want to say about them by the time I get around to doing my post.  This was a tricky one to paint and I wiped it clean after about 30 minutes.  I’m glad I did as it has turned out much better the second time around.  I think I decided it would be better to work in blocks of colour to begin with but that just made it difficult to keep adding colour on top.  The key to this is something called ‘fat over lean’.  Basically you start with very thin layers of paint and work up to thicker, juicer layers.

FrameHere’s a picture of it framed.  It’s always nice to see the framed painting – it does exactly as it says – it frames it so that your focus is held.

These frames are made by Pennybatch Gallery in Wells, Somerset.  Beautiful hand painted frames to the colour of your choice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there. I hope you have a good day.


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