Shoreline Project – A group effort


We embarked on a collective project this month to celebrate the shoreline.  There are two groups producing two main prints and then there will probably be a few offshoots along the way too.

With much discipline we set about printing 6-7 prints today.  It was quite intense, as can be witnessed by lots of muttering but we soon as a production line going.  I am chief inker, Caroline was chief plate organiser, and Liz & Ann were the printers. We’re really pleased with the results and now they are resting on the drying rack.

Here’s a photo of the inked plates before the paper was put on top.  We used Botan Japanese printing paper which is only 55 gsm.  It was beautiful paper to use and we were able to print using only a couple of barrens.

A great result!

(PS please excuse the poor photo quality – I took these photos very quickly using my phone and the ink was more the colour of the plates below rather than the photo above, but at least you get the idea!)


Inked Plates waiting to print


3 thoughts on “Shoreline Project – A group effort

  1. Do I understand that you are making a single print with nine individual plates printed simultaneously? I didn’t know that was possible!

    • Hi Quinn. There are 7 of us and we cut one or two plates. Then we pulled the best ones together to get the 9. It’s been a great project. (Sorry for the delay in replying). J

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