Artists 303 Exhibition, Dulverton


Hanging in Progress – Labelling underway

Today was hanging day at the Heritage Centre, Dulverton, Exmoor, Somerset for the Artists 303 group.  As you can see from this small selection, the artwork is diverse in its style and media.    If you’re in Exmoor, why don’t you pop along and see the whole exhibition.  We’re open daily from 10.30am until 4.00pm, until Saturday, 6th August.  One of the group will be available each day to talk about the group and answer any questions you have.


Drawing August Anyone?


This is the 4th year for #drawingaugust – it’s great that people still want to do it. So as we approach August this year, I’m putting out the annual call.

I’m not keeping a list of participants this year, all you have to do is the following;

  • On 1st of August, make a new drawing.  The choice of subject is yours
  • Take a photo of your drawing or make a scan of it.
  • Post the photo/scan on Twitter using the hashtag #drawingaugust. Also put the date on it.
  • REPEAT the process every single day until 31st August.

At the end of the month you can look back on 31 drawings that you’ve produced; see your progress and remember summertime memories!  You can also be part of a great community of creatives who encourage each other, especially in August.

Wales Arts Review published a great article (thank you Gary).  If you want to know more about how Dean and I started this movement, click here to read it.

Petit Painting – Pear & Stoneware Pot


Pear & Stoneware Pot

This pot dates from 1889-1892, and was made by  J.A. Hawley (Joseph Hawley, the son of James George Hawley). It sits in my studio amongst the pine cones, skulls, and artwork I created at college.  A lovely stoneware jug.

It’s been a busy few months, here’s to a summer of art!

The White Jug


The White Jug  6″x6″

I can’t remember when I painted this oil painting exactly but let’s just say it was a little while ago. There’s a number of paintings backing up on the drying rack, waiting to posted.  Whoops!

Shoreline Project – A group effort


We embarked on a collective project this month to celebrate the shoreline.  There are two groups producing two main prints and then there will probably be a few offshoots along the way too.

With much discipline we set about printing 6-7 prints today.  It was quite intense, as can be witnessed by lots of muttering but we soon as a production line going.  I am chief inker, Caroline was chief plate organiser, and Liz & Ann were the printers. We’re really pleased with the results and now they are resting on the drying rack.

Here’s a photo of the inked plates before the paper was put on top.  We used Botan Japanese printing paper which is only 55 gsm.  It was beautiful paper to use and we were able to print using only a couple of barrens.

A great result!

(PS please excuse the poor photo quality – I took these photos very quickly using my phone and the ink was more the colour of the plates below rather than the photo above, but at least you get the idea!)


Inked Plates waiting to print

Shoreline Project


Fishing Boat, Lyme Regis

I’m taking part in a little project with a group of printmaker friends.  In fact, it’ll be two projects and two groups.  Each person has committed to producing one A5 carved block based on the shoreline.  It’ll be great to see the different plates together showing a range of shoreline subjects and carving styles. Hopefully we’ll have the first collective print next week.  I’m also working on producing a colour version of my plate, so we’ll see how that goes!

This is my proof, there’s a few weeks to do and then it’ll be ready. Hope you like it.