A Good Year – 2016

I know that 2016 has been a crazy year for so many reasons but I’ve spent some time going back over the year to reflect on where I started creatively in January and where I’ve arrived at in December.

So here are my highlights.

January to March 2016

What can I say – lots of painting. I really did begin with a bang and managed to keep this up for quite some time.  My favourite painting is this one of my son’s first pair of shoes which I have kept all these years.


I had the pleasure of participating in the #TwitterArtExhibition which supported Foster Pride NYC New York, USA.  TAE had the biggest number of entries they had ever seen with close to 1000 cards from artists covering 35 countries around the world.  I’m pleased to report that my postcard sold on the first night raising funds for Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Programme, where young women in foster care learn to create and market a unique line of handmade goods.

If you fancy supporting this, click here to see this years event which is being held in the UK.



April to June 2016

Exhibiting at an Art Fair was a first for me and I took part in the Frome Art Fair in Somerset.  I enjoyed spending the weekend talking to people about art and I’m sure it’s something I’ll repeat again.

I joined Artists 303 in April and now enjoy being part of a formal artist community.  We’ll be exhibiting at the Round Tower in Frome, Somerset in May.

Remember the collaboration project I did with my printmaking friends.  Well, we turned this print into a tea towel and it has sold like hot cakes!  Such a good thing to do with others.

The end of June saw a return to Staithes and the production of my favourite painting of the year.  I’m not sure I’ve even given it a name, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it.

img_5111I started painting this one en plein air (outside) but I got so cold, I packed it in and came indoors.  I finished this at home using my sketches and a photo.  I was really pleased to say that all this painting outdoors is developing my visual memory and I was able to recall quite a bit of detail about the scene.

It sits in my studio to remind me what I can achieve with a limited palette and some good brushes!



July to September 2016


#DrawingAugust came around again and although I didn’t get as many drawings done as I’d like, I was so pleased to see so many drawings on my twitter feed from all level of drawing ability.  Great fun!

I took part in Somerset Art Weeks again. This time I shared my exhibition space with two friends and I have to say, it was our best SAW yet.  Lots of visitors, tea & cake, sales, commissions and bookings for workshops.  A great result all around.




October to December 2016

After all the hard work of getting ready for Somerset Art Weeks and the exhibition itself, I flew off to Portugal for a painting holiday.  It was unseasonably hot which brought its own challenges.

I received a number of commissions for artists books during Somerset Art Weeks and these were mainly for Christmas presents.  Nothing like a deadline to keep you focussed!

deerparkAnother commission that meant a great deal to me was for a friend who married the love of her life in November.  They were married at Deer Park in Devon (such a lovely wedding) and so it only seemed natural to combine the name of the hotel with my love of nature.  The Deer Park commission was born.

This was an edition of 35 just for the guests on the day.



I realise that in doing this post, I have neglected to post so much throughout the year.  An indication of how much has been going on.  Hopefully this year I’ll be more disciplined about posting on my blog.

Happy New Year to you.  Thank you for your support through the many likes, shares, and comments/feedback that I receive.  It means a lot.  I hope that 2017 is a good year for you and that you have a successful year.


Plein Air Painting

After all the organising of Somerset Open Studios, it was nice to get away for a few days of rest and relaxation abroad.  I went plain air painting for a few days in Portugal.  Here’s a couple of the paintings that I did.  The weather was wonderful and I had good company with some fellow painters.

Petit Paintings – Starlet


Startlet – 6″ x 6″  Oil on Board

It’s funny how your mind associates one thing with another.  I was looking at this painting when all the media coverage came out about the boycott of the Oscarrs for it’s lack of diversity.  It just struck me that here was this beautiful rose surrounded by all these green berries who looked like they were whispering about the vibrant colour of her petals.  All surrounded by a green carpet (not red – I couldn’t stretch that far!

Standing Out From The Greens

Out of the Greens

Standing Out From The Greens

Oil on Board – 6″ x 6″

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit poorly and have been hiding under a very warm and comfortable fur (not real fur!) blanket.  Now on the road to recovery, I am able to potter around with a little bit of painting.  Don’t you just hate the winter for all the bugs, colds, and viruses that creep up on you.

Having said that I love January as it’s my birthday month and I’ve been very lucky to receive lots of lovely flowers.  So, prepare yourself for quite a few flower based paintings!

These roses were beautiful, a rich shade of pink which I hope I manage to capture over the next few paintings.

By the way, the exhibition at Strode Theatre is going well.  If you get a moment, why don’t you pop over and see some lovely work from the printmaking Group from Strode College.



Petit Paintings – Tea for Three


Tea for Three

Oil on Canvas Board

6″ x 6″

I started this year hoping to develop my painting skills and as always, for one reason or another I haven’t moved on as quickly as I would have liked.  I’d like to be a lot looser with my style and that generally comes with practice.   I have, however, enjoyed painting these tea cups.

They were amongst my mothers china that we sorted out when she passed away.  The colour of the cups is fabulous and although all three cups are identical, they reflect such differences of light so as to make them look very different shades.

There’s still a couple of corrections I’d like to make, and the beauty of oil painting is that I’ll be able to do this over the next couple of days.  For now though, I’m satisfied.  I’ll leave you to guess what those corrections are … feel free to leave your comments on what those might be!

It makes a nice change to do these, gives me a break from printmaking.  So, if you’d like to see more of these, let me know too!

Here’s some photos of the painting evolving.


I did enjoy this first thing this morning, but it wasn’t long until I was back at the Christmas print production line.  I’m hoping that that’ll be it for a few days.  Who knew that the Christmas card (print) sending list was suddenly so long! I’m glad my dining table can take this many prints.

PPT1 copy

Partridge In a Pear Tree, Christmas Print

The Giveaway Winner



On the 1st November, I began a giveaway to say thank you for everyone’s support.  One giveaway was on Facebook and the other, here, on this blog.

I’ve used a random number generator to pick the number on the list of names below.

So a heartfelt congratulations to Laura (PA Pict) as you have been chosen as the lucky winner of one of my gold Mupe Bay prints.

If you can email your postal details, I’ll post this for you soon.  Hopefully you’ll receive it in time for Christmas.  If you want it sent to a relative in the UK instead, just let me know.

I’ll be doing more of these, so keep watching!