Plein Air Painting

After all the organising of Somerset Open Studios, it was nice to get away for a few days of rest and relaxation abroad.  I went plain air painting for a few days in Portugal.  Here’s a couple of the paintings that I did.  The weather was wonderful and I had good company with some fellow painters.


Petit Painting – Pear & Stoneware Pot


Pear & Stoneware Pot

This pot dates from 1889-1892, and was made by  J.A. Hawley (Joseph Hawley, the son of James George Hawley). It sits in my studio amongst the pine cones, skulls, and artwork I created at college.  A lovely stoneware jug.

It’s been a busy few months, here’s to a summer of art!

The White Jug


The White Jug  6″x6″

I can’t remember when I painted this oil painting exactly but let’s just say it was a little while ago. There’s a number of paintings backing up on the drying rack, waiting to posted.  Whoops!

Petit Painting – Lemon Crush


Lemon Crush – 15cm x 15cm                Oil on Board

Available here

I love the zing of a lemon and this one has nestled nicely into this purple cloth.  Yellow and purple complimenting each other nicely.

It’s been busy in the studio getting organised for the Frome Art Fair and registering for Somerset Art Weeks.  Frome Art Fair is taking place on Saturday, 2nd and Sunday, 3rd April in Frome, Somerset.  It’s a busy, thriving arts community and there will be lots of great artists exhibiting in three venues.  I’ll post some more details later this week, but if you are near or fancy a day trip, please come and visit.  It would be great to meet you.

Waving Hello


Waving Hello                                                 

Can you see this rose waving hello, or is it just me? It is probably just me but I like the thought of it anyway.  This is the same rose that I painted for “Be Mine”.  It was such a beautiful rich red.  We are finally approaching Spring here and the weather has been just beautiful over the last few days.

I’m in a bit of a rush today, but hopefully this will be on Folksy in the next day or so. I’ll keep you posted.

Petit Painting – Dancing Partners


Dancing Partners                                                                      Oil on Board          15cm x 15cm

Available  – Click here to see the details

I’ve got the Tango in my head, but you could choose any dance.  You see they have that great ‘lean out’ from the waist.  They even managed a little love heart silhouette with their shadows.

I really had to stare hard at these as there are so many small parts that your mind gets confused with where you are looking.  Not something to paint when you’ve had a glass or two or wine.  (I must remember that!)