Artists Books

I’ve been making artists books for the last few months and am finally putting this one in my Folksy Shop.  

I’ve made this book using a ‘blizzard fold’ which is a great fold if you want to create a sculptural book.  This book has an inclination to stay open, so I’ve put a ribbon in so that it can be tied closed. 

Books are very tactile and it’s great to be able to touch artwork rather than just look at it.  


Shoreline Project – A group effort


We embarked on a collective project this month to celebrate the shoreline.  There are two groups producing two main prints and then there will probably be a few offshoots along the way too.

With much discipline we set about printing 6-7 prints today.  It was quite intense, as can be witnessed by lots of muttering but we soon as a production line going.  I am chief inker, Caroline was chief plate organiser, and Liz & Ann were the printers. We’re really pleased with the results and now they are resting on the drying rack.

Here’s a photo of the inked plates before the paper was put on top.  We used Botan Japanese printing paper which is only 55 gsm.  It was beautiful paper to use and we were able to print using only a couple of barrens.

A great result!

(PS please excuse the poor photo quality – I took these photos very quickly using my phone and the ink was more the colour of the plates below rather than the photo above, but at least you get the idea!)


Inked Plates waiting to print

Aquatint Etching – Sunflower


Sunflower  – Aquatint Etching 15cmx29cm

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been under the weather with a cold and haven’t lifted my brushes or rollers for a week.  I printed this etching last Wednesday and realised I hadn’t posted it.  I love etchings for their drawn quality but they take a considerable amount of time to produce.  Although I only worked on this a couple of hours each week, it has taken several weeks to produce and I’ve decided to keep the edition small (less than 10).  It’ll be available in my Folksy shop soon.


Here’s a photo of the steel plate that I used.  It’s gone through several layers of development from the initial drawing through to the aquatint resin.


Sunflower – Aquatint Etching


When we went to France last summer, we passed so many fields full of sunflowers and they were so vibrant.  We stopped and took photos of row upon row of sunflowers all facing the same way.

So, here is a sketch of mine turned into an etching.  I love etchings for their drawn quality and playing with the different techniques to get the tone right so that the drawing holds well together.

Making etchings is challenging as there are many more variables in the process than with linoprinting but the outcomes can be beautiful.

As I’m using acid to bite the steel plate, I’m doing this at a more equipped printmaking studio which means that I can only do this project on a Wednesday.  Hopefully next week I’ll have the final print to show you.


Under Pressure

A very apt name for a group of printmakers, don’t you think?

I’m taking part in a group exhibition at the Strode Theatre in Street, Somerset from Tuesday, 22nd December all through January, until Saturday, 13th February 2016.

There are 7 printmakers taking part altogether and a great range of styles, so if you find yourself in Street with some time available, please take a trip into the Theatre to see some wonderful work.

Here’s a link to the theatre Strode Theatre, you’ll be able to find more information on the other events as well as contact details and directions.



Here’s a little blurb on what Strode Theatre is all about!

Mid Somerset’s venue for the arts

Strode Theatre is a theatre and cinema with 343 seats, a part of the Strode College campus in Street, near Glastonbury in Somerset. We promote a mixed programme of live events on stage, both professional and amateur, mainstream and arthouse films as well as live transmissions of opera, ballet and theatre. The foyer is home to changing exhibitions of work by local and regional artists.


Petit Paintings – Tea for Three


Tea for Three

Oil on Canvas Board

6″ x 6″

I started this year hoping to develop my painting skills and as always, for one reason or another I haven’t moved on as quickly as I would have liked.  I’d like to be a lot looser with my style and that generally comes with practice.   I have, however, enjoyed painting these tea cups.

They were amongst my mothers china that we sorted out when she passed away.  The colour of the cups is fabulous and although all three cups are identical, they reflect such differences of light so as to make them look very different shades.

There’s still a couple of corrections I’d like to make, and the beauty of oil painting is that I’ll be able to do this over the next couple of days.  For now though, I’m satisfied.  I’ll leave you to guess what those corrections are … feel free to leave your comments on what those might be!

It makes a nice change to do these, gives me a break from printmaking.  So, if you’d like to see more of these, let me know too!

Here’s some photos of the painting evolving.


I did enjoy this first thing this morning, but it wasn’t long until I was back at the Christmas print production line.  I’m hoping that that’ll be it for a few days.  Who knew that the Christmas card (print) sending list was suddenly so long! I’m glad my dining table can take this many prints.

PPT1 copy

Partridge In a Pear Tree, Christmas Print